Storage Tips for Orem UT

Published on 3/14/2016

Storage Tips from Orem Storage

You may wonder when it comes to storing your belongings Is there a right or wrong way to store and pack your items? We know that you don't want your valued items to be damaged or destroyed in anyway. If you didn't care about your items, then you wouldn't be storing them in the first place. Before we look at a few of the techniques and tips in storing your items lets go over a few ways that things could be damaged. These include items falling and breaking, warping or cracking from humidity, possibly insects, maybe fragile items that are improperly placed. If your going to spend the money to store your items make sure to plan ahead so that these possible scenarios don't happen to you.

The first thing you will want to do is to plan ahead. Think about what items you are going to store and how they will be stored. So if you have more important items that you will need future access to try to think about putting them closer to the front of the unit for easier access. Also think about which items are heavier, the heavier the item then the lower you will want to put it. Then think about your awkward shaped items and possible places for them to be stored.

Next review which size unit will be appropriate for your belongings. Don't get too small of unit just to find out when you got to put everything in storage that your going to need a bigger size. There are other tips online that explain how to determine which unit size you might need. 
The next thing that you will need to do is acquire the necessary packing supplies, good sturdy boxes could mean the difference of your items staying safe or your items falling through the box bottom and crashing on the floor. Bubble wrap is always a good packing material because you can see through it and identify the image better. Also make sure when your packing boxes mark and label appropriately so you can easily see what is in each box. 

Once it's time to start putting things in your storage unit think about the possible negative scenarios we talked about earlier and how you can avoid those. This might include first sweeping out the unit, laying down a canvas on the floor or maybe even wood pallets. For bugs, and spiders you could place roach killers or other pesticide treatments. There is also dehumidifiers to help with humidity. It may also be wise to include a step latter inside your unit to be able to access hard to reach places.

Finally it's time to load up your storage unit. Place all the bigger furniture and items first in the back of the unit. Think about your wood items and possibly putting some wood conditioner or something on it to protect the wood. keep in mind to keep your items stacked tight, but not too tight so their is still some kind of airflow. keep your items neat so they aren't falling over on each other. Also it would be wise to keep an isle so you can access the back of the storage unit easily.  Make sure your labels are faced out to the isle or so you can see what they say. 

Remember that all of the planning, packing and work that goes into this project will give you peace of mind that your items are safe and secure. It is a big project and can be overwhelming but the satisfaction of knowing you packed your items right will help well worth it.